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Chronicles of a Corona Captive – Days 31 & 32

Spent an afternoon cleaning out my digital files for work. Organizing non-tangible files is not nearly as satisfying. There is no clean file cabinet or closet to stand back, look at and admire the results of your effort.

Otis is a small, thin cat despite eating more than our other 2 cats. Whenever I pick him up, I scratch his belly and say, “You are too skinny. Eat a cookie!” Last night, I put one of the delicious no bake cookies I made on a plate and began making a cup of tea. I heard a strange noise and turned around. There was Otis sampling my cookie! Once my brain processed the fact that a cat was eating a cookie, I yelled at him to stop. This drew Oregano’s attention who was probably surprised I wasn’t yelling at him for eating a cookie. With a smug grin, Oregano pointed out that this situation was all my fault since I have been telling Otis to eat a cookie for years. I can’t argue with his logic. What surprises me, though, is that I never thought Otis was actually listening or that he knew what a cookie was.

Otis is such a tiny guy. Linus is there for comparison purposes.

Saving lots of money on my grooming budget since I can’t go for a haircut, color or pedicure for the foreseeable future. After calling 5 different vets trying to find someone who would help us trim Keebler’s nails, the emergency vet agreed. The catch is that it will cost 20 times more than usual. After careful contemplation and debate we decided that the money was going to be spent one way or the other. If Keebler scratches himself with his talons, he could wind up needing medical attention. If the nails get too long and grow into his paw pads, he’ll need medical attention. If we attempt to muscle him into submission while trying to clip the nails on squirming, writhing paws, we’ll all wind up needing medical attention. I guess I’ll just divert my grooming funds to him. Easy come easy go.

Picking up our face masks today. A friend’s mom made them for us because I can’t sew and the ones we ordered online have still not arrived. When I took sewing class in middle school, my parents told me that sewing is a life skill. What I didn’t realize is that it would eventually become a life or death skill.

Learned an important lesson. Now that I am teaching remotely, I spend a lot more time with a screen in front of me than usual. My eyes are not happy with this new arrangement, so the eye doctor suggested using lubricating drops. In my desperation to get some relief, I put one drop in each eye then attempted to read the dosing on the bottle to find out if I needed to use a second drop. My vision was too blurry. Next time, I’ll remember to read the instructions before I use the drops.

About Paprika Furstenburg

I was born with an overly developed sense of humor and poor coordination. The combination of these two character traits has taught me humility and given me the perspective to find the funny in everyday experiences.

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  1. I have looked everywhere for face masks, but no one seems to sell them. I’ve watched YouTube videos illustrating the various designs, but I can’t sew either, and I don’t have any good elastics left – from going through my stash, I discovered that if you don’t use them, they become sticky and then break. Sigh. I’ve thought of sacrificing an old t-shirt and cutting it up, but someone pointed out that t-shirt material isn’t sufficiently effective to protect against this virus. So I’m in limbo at the moment. 😦

    Clearly Otis is a bright chap. He was just waiting for the perfect cookie and the perfect opportunity. He wouldn’t have eaten it, if he didn’t think it was delicious – so there you go, you have a feline fan of your cookies! 😀

    • We ordered face masks almost a month ago and they still have not arrived. Like you, I’ve seen the videos on how to make face masks, but I lack the skill and many of the materials necessary to pull it off. Thankfully, the masks our friend’s mom made are great. Maybe you can use some of your connections with your neighbors to work together to find the supplies and someone who knows how to sew. If not, scarves and bandanas work if you double them up.

      I’m not so sure Otis is a connoisseur of cookies as much as he is a taster of anything he can get his paws on. A few weeks ago he stole a whole chicken thigh off of one or our plates when we weren’t looking. He then proceeded to run through the downstairs with this piece of chicken as big as his head. We had a difficult time controlling our laughter as we followed him around to get him and wrestle the chicken away from him. He is quite a character.

  2. Paprika, You remind me how I should be cleaning out my digital files. Face masks are in my radar. I was planning to order although I don’t know where to start. I will ask around locally. I am using make-shift masks from wide headbands. Good reminder on the computer time and eyes.Thank you.

    • I’m glad I could offer you a few helpful reminders. We were using scarves until we picked up the masks our friend’s mom made. The other ones we ordered on Etsy. Good luck in your search. Stay safe. 😊

  3. Oh, that Otis! Good for him. Maybe Oregano can engage him as part of the Thin Mint Search Crew?

  4. Oh, I totally agree about the lack of feeling satisfied after a spring computer file clean-up. Plus IMHO it’s harder to ‘rifle’ through the files and pick and choose items to keep or chuck.
    And that bit about the eye drops…been there done that and once lesson is learned, never to be repeated!
    Enjoy your secret Thin Mint stash…HA!

    • You are so right about the rifling. It’s fun to look back at old files and it is more annoying to have to open up a bunch of documents.

      I have been enjoying the Thin Mints very slowly and sneakily.


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