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Chronicles of a Corona Captive -Day 4

Day 4

Netflix keeps asking me if I’m still watching. Sensing a judgmental tone in that question. I find myself screaming at the screen, “Hey, Netflix, you’ll know I’m done watching when I turn off the TV. Also, if I was not still watching, how would I see your stupid message anyway?”

Learning that Oregano and I have very different definitions of what the word binge means. Two episodes does not make a binge; what he does with a sleeve of Thin Mints is a binge. Funny how he can’t make that connection.

Switched to singing Itsy Bitsy Spider when washing my hands. I’m over singing Happy Birthday. It’s so last week.

Created a social distancing playlist to amuse myself during captivity.

Must not bake…must not bake…must not bake

Working with cats in the house is a challenge especially when they keep stepping on the keyboard. mkkkkkkk, (That combination of letters is actually Otis’s contribution. He really stepped on the keyboard while I was typing.)

A student submitted completely blank assignments. Maybe my instructions weren’t clear and he didn’t realize he was supposed to answer the questions, not just read the questions.

Raining today. I’m watching the squirrels through the window. I think they are actually bringing acorns back into the yard!

Spent some time this morning philosophizing over the difference between pajamas versus lounge wear. There is very fine line that distinguishes the two.

Didn’t realize that when I said that I wanted to be a stay at home cat mom it meant that I actually had to stay at home and never leave.

About Paprika Furstenburg

I was born with an overly developed sense of humor and poor coordination. The combination of these two character traits has taught me humility and given me the perspective to find the funny in everyday experiences.

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  1. Found you via Snakes in the grass…am now following. Stay spicey, Paprika!

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  3. LOL!!! I didn’t check out your playlist until I read that last comment. I laughed!!! Thank you so much! (Have you actually listened to all of these choices at some time in your life? Most of them are unknown to me, I think. But so perfect for these times.)
    Oh — and what exactly IS the difference between lounge wear and pyjamas?
    And what are you binging on (shows I mean)

    • All but 3 of the songs on the playlist came from scrolling through my own Apple Music library. Oregano had a suggestion and Cheerio had another.

      For the record, the only difference between pjs and lounge wear is whether or not I have slept in them.

      Currently binge watching Reign and last week it was Virgin River. Both on Netflix. If you’ve got suggestions please share.

      Stay well!

      • I will have to take a listen to some.
        I don’t have netflix — so I watch youtube, and some Facebook Shows — shows like Returning the Favor, The Voice, Living Big in a Tiny Home, and occasional Hallmark Movies.
        There is also a series on Youtube (Curiosity Incorporated channel) called Potters House — which documents the adventure of an antique seller who purchased a hoarder house and then went through everything in the house and renovated it. I’d recommend watching it from the beginning, because he discovered some pretty interesting stuff, and his thinking and process — and involvement of some interesting characters in the work — is really addictive.

      • Thanks for all the suggestions.

  4. RC Cat assumes if you are working on the computer, it is her responsibility to sit on the keyboard in order to clearly see the screen and monitor what is being said….
    Love that last line!

    • I have said it for years…cats are no friends to literacy. I swear they can hear a book open no matter where I am in the house. They’ve been having their way with our laptops since we’ve been home.

  5. Love this, particularly your song list (anyone who includes Genesis and Phil can’t be bad in my book). Otis has writing potential. 😉 – Marty


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