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7 X 7 Link Award

Emerald Garden Lady who writes The Emerald Garden Blog honored me with the 7 X 7 Link Award.  I’ve been enjoying some of her posts and photographs. It is summer in Australia and I’m hoping I can live vicariously through her blog and forget the gray days of winter.

This particular blog award has an interesting and challenging twist on the usual acceptance requirements. Aside from thanking the blogger who nominated you, sharing an interesting fact about yourself and nominating other bloggers, you must include links to 7 of your own posts. These posts should be in the following categories:

Most Helpful:

The Art and Sport of Hammocking – This handy-dandy guide describes how to get full enjoyment out of your hammock experience. A timely piece for my readers living in the Southern hemisphere.

Most Popular:

Blue-Collar Fantasy Camp – For four months, this post held the record for most views in a single day.

Most Beautiful Post:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The post That’s a Lot of Hot Air has pictures of beautiful hot air balloons in it along with a few of my beautiful, but sweaty friends.

Most Underrated:

Whitewater, White Knuckles – This tale of my first ever whitewater rafting experience on the Kicking Horse River in Canada didn’t get a lot of attention because I didn’t have many readers when it was published.

Most Pride Worthy:

I’m proud of all of my posts. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t click the publish button. But, The Pick-Up Artist was a guest post written by my husband, Oregano. I’m proud of him for doing such a great job with it.

Most Surprisingly Successful:

Hands down the winner of this category is L’What. It was Freshly Pressed on January 3rd and you could have knocked me over with a sprig of lavender when I found out.

Most Controversial:

I haven’t really written anything controversial yet. If I do this long enough I’m bound to piss someone off eventually. The closest I come to controversial is my post, The Upside of Being a Nudist .

Many new readers have become Good Humored in the last few weeks. This award gives me the opportunity to share some posts I hope  they will enjoy. My long time readers might enjoy re-reading one of their favorites. If not, come back next week when I have some new material.

Every one of the blogs on my blogroll is worthy of this award. I don’t want to play favorites, so this award is theirs to claim if they want it.

About Paprika Furstenburg

I was born with an overly developed sense of humor and poor coordination. The combination of these two character traits has taught me humility and given me the perspective to find the funny in everyday experiences.

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  1. Congratulations to YOU for your award. Now, I wonder if you can travel by air as a nudist. Really, it’d save alot of those fees you were talking about.

    • Going through security as a nudist would definitely have its advantages and there’d be no need to check luggage; excellent points, Rumpy. I’m not sure the flying public is ready for that yet. If the bag fees get any higher though, more people might consider it.

  2. Hey you,

    I just had to giggle at your comment about it being summer here.

    Yes, it’s mid summer and after two days of 40 degrees centigrade we are now enjoying (NOT) 14 degrees centigrade and rain, in fact quite wintery.

    The chimneys of Emerald are smoking as folks try and warm up a little, it’s ridiculous, this is Australia!

  3. Thanks, Paprika! Congrats on the award!!

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    Here you go, check this site out.
    Thanks for my dose of humour today, I just read the topless post. That could have been me and my late hubby, I didn’t think it could possibly happen to another couple, except ours was a little MG Midget and it was the usual wet weekend in the English Lake District.


    PS Congrats on all the awards, well deserved. In this climate of doom and gloom we all need our dose of Paprika.

    • Thanks, Jan, for your wonderful compliments! I’m so glad I could bring a chuckle to your day and a happy memory to mind.

      Thanks for sharing that link. It was fascinating and sent me on an hour long cruise on Antarctic websites. I learned quite a bit about the geography, what they are studying and checked out a few live webcams, but couldn’t find a way to directly e-mail someone who is actually working on Antarctica. The contact info I could find was through government agencies on the mainland. I feel a bit selfish and foolish e-mailing a government agency asking them to forward my blog to someone working down there. There’s no good way to say, “HI, I know you’re really busy studying penguins, the hole in the ozone and melting glacial ice, but do you think you could spare a few minutes to read my blog so that I can say I’ve had a reader on every continent?”

  6. You’re right this award post is a great “Paprika Review”. It obviously took a great deal of thought. Good job. ( and yea, that’s done!)

  7. Congrats!–this award seems cool because it allows you to take a moment to reflect back on some of your old posts and view them with a new perspective.

    • Thanks, Lisa. This was a unique award. It was actually pretty challenging to go back through my old posts to see what fit each category. The timing of the award was perfect because I’ve gotten so many new readers since being “pressed” and this is a great way for them to catch up to the readers I had pre-press days. You know, you can accept the award if you want…

  8. Congrats! I do love your white water rafting post! I think more people should definitely read it!

  9. Congrats on the well deserved rewards. As always, I am so proud of you and love laughing with you!

  10. Paprika,
    Your most beautiful post is “That’s A Lot of Hot Air” because of the artistic photography, beautiful people, an adorable puppy and a rainbow of hot air balloons……a delight for the senses!
    With much appreciation,

  11. I love your blog. Hurray for you. Insert exclamation points as desired.

    • Thanks, Renee, for the compliment and allowing me to use exclamation points at my discretion. Your blog is a lot of fun too – except when you do those heart-warming stories, then it’s inspirational.

  12. I love looking at people’s lists for awards and such in Blogland!!! Thanks for all the new blogs to read!!!

  13. You go girl! Congrats! Well deserved.

  14. Yay, more reading material for me! I think I have to be honest with you now and admit that I have yet to read through all your post. I know, I know – shameful! 😉

    I’m guessing this gives me a good opportunity to get started. So if you don’t hear anything from me for a couple of days, don’t worry. If you start hearing hysterical laughter, that’s fine also. You should maybe send out the guys with torches and dogs, if you don’t see me for meals. Me missing a meal of any kind is usually cause for worry 😉

    Congrats, Miss! Well deserved obviously, but also goes quite nicely with the other tokens of appreciation on your left hand side. 🙂


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