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Twice As Nice – The Liebster Award

This time of year we often hear, “It’s better to give than to receive.” Giving always feels good, but receiving, especially an award, feels pretty good too. Kirsten of 30 Years of Growing Pain (s) and Carly of  That’s Just Ridiculous  both presented me with the coveted Liebster Award on the same day! Being able to proudly display the badge on my home page is exciting, but the true reward is the exceedingly kind words these ladies used to describe me and I didn’t even have to bribe them to do it.

For those of you interested in learning new vocabulary, Liebster can be used as a noun to mean a sweetheart or beloved person. When used as an adjective it means dear, beloved, affectionate, favorite, preferred above others.

It is now my responsibility to pass this virtual admiration badge to five blogs I enjoy who have less than 200 followers. I’m not good at counting. My fourth grade teacher told me so. I shun all things mathematical hence I don’t know how many followers these blogs have. Thanks to WordPress’ new follower counting system, I’m confused about how many followers I really have.

The blogs I look forward to reading are listed on the right side of the screen with convenient links to whisk you off to each of them. Don’t go yet. Finish reading this first. There are more than 5 listed, so that should cover me with the official rules of the award. Since I suggested those blogs to you when I was graciously presented with the Versatile Blogger Award and the Tell Me About Yourself Award earlier this month, I am going to share the names of blogs I have recently discovered.

Childhood Relived – As a child of the 70’s and 80’s, reading this blog is like taking a quick trip back to childhood without the nuisance of an early bedtime, pimples and adolescent awkwardness.

Morristown Memos – I’ve been enjoying Ronnie’s brand of humor and variety of topics. She even managed to make an encounter with a screaming toddler in a supermarket funny.

Life in the Boomer Lane– I am a few lanes away from being a baby boomer, but I’m still enjoying this blog. It’s a potpourri of humor, information and, for good measure, the occasional story about an ordinary person dealing with an extraordinary situation.

Now that I’m done, I can say that giving definitely feels pretty good too.

About Paprika Furstenburg

I was born with an overly developed sense of humor and poor coordination. The combination of these two character traits has taught me humility and given me the perspective to find the funny in everyday experiences.

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  1. Thank you, thank you for the super nice shout-out on here. Really appreciate it. I need to make my way over to the other two blogs. I have yet to read LITBL, but I’m sure it’s good because she always leaves the funniest comments in the blogosphere.

    I’ve never had my follower count visible on my blog — initially when I started my blog back in July, it felt so icky to read “Join 5 followers of my blog!” Interesting to know it now ties the number into your Facebook friends.

  2. Congratulations and well deserved my friend! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Paprika, congratulations on receiving the Liebster Award–it’s less fishy than the Lobster Award . . .

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  5. Great choice! Just a heads up, if I just “happen” to be a bit absent the next couple of days, it’s not (no no no definetly not) because I’m cheating on you w/ Childhood Relieved – I would never do such a thing – and even if I did we both know it would only be a fling and wouldn’t mean anything, right?! 😉

  6. Congratulations on your dual nomination – I’ve just stumbled onto your blog this afternoon, and am looking forward to reading through some of the older posts.

    How could someone with a borderline stripper name who was “born with an overly developed sense of humor and poor coordination” NOT be entertaining?

    • Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to leave such a great comment. Thanks to you, I am now visualizing a clumsy stripper and it is not a pretty sight. I hope you enjoy the older posts and that you’ll visit again soon.

  7. I am looking forwrd to checking out these three blogs. If you like them I probably will, too!

  8. Congrats….it is so nice to be recogized by a cadre of your peers….now you cannot say you are the Rodney Dangerfield “Blog-world…” but I knew that already and so did all the others who follow your commentary…you now have respect and recognition….what else is there to strive for….you have made it….(well, maybe a little monetary compensation here and there wouldn’t hurt)

    • Thanks, Bob. Loyal readers who engage in the blog’s banter and the recognition from fellow bloggers is absolutely what has encouraged me to keep going. And yes, monetary compensation wouldn’t hurt, but maybe that will come in the future.

  9. How extraordinarily flattering; you are so kind to mention my blog as one of three new blogs you’ve recently discovered. Thank you!

    It is wonderful reach some people with my writing, especially after collecting enough rejection letters from magazines to paper my family room.


  10. Congratulations on the new award, Pap! And thanks for pointing out other blogs to read while I’m waiting for your next hilarious tome!! xoxo

  11. Congrats on some well-deserved accolades, and thanks for the shout out. I’m truly honored. I’m also truly frustrated. WordPress has decided to decline all my comments, I must comment from my Facebook page. This is a huge pain in my ever-so-talented butt. I have no idea how to fix this.

  12. I was wondering if anyone else was having trouble understanding the follower count. Until I figure it out I’ll assume the higher count is correct. It’s good for the ego.

    • I actually e-mailed WordPress. The higher number is comprised of the number of people who are subscribed to your blog and receive an e-mail plus all of your Facebook friends. I don’t like it. Most of my Facebook friends are subscribed to the blog so they are being counted twice.

      • I’m dumbfounded by the double-counting thing. I’m also pretty sure a lot of my friends on Facebook don’t follow my blog. Oh well. I guess I’ll just look 10x more popular than I actually am until they fix it (assuming they ever do).

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